Posted by jdg | 11:35 PM

I have written before about the number of journalists that have descended on Detroit. It seems like you can't chuck an empty bag of potato chips out the car window these days without hitting some documentary filmmakers. I don't get it. They are all here to tell "the Detroit story" and they all e-mail me for advice before they come into town. I seriously get 3-5 e-mails a week from different people who all seem to be making the same documentary. Last week I received an email from some woman in Hollywood who wants to pitch a TV Series about a group of unemployed Canadian auto workers who win a $38 million lottery and decide to "buy Detroit." Some of this shit is so insulting it doesn't even merit a response.

I've started turning the camera on these people and have a nice little collection of shots featuring journalists all photographing and documenting the same old Detroit cliches. This French crew seemed pissed until they recognized me (I'd corresponded and even met with the dude to show him where I'd seen foxes and other animals) and he shouted, "Sweet? Is that you?" Check out their faces:

Bonjour, motherfuckers.

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