Merry Christmas from Detroit

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I saw this house a long time ago and wanted to return in December with some batter-powered LED lights to string up on this amazing tree in front of this abandoned mansion. The lights I bought were woefully short and it would have cost a fortune to light this beauty. Maybe next year. 

Merry Christmas, blog readers. Thanks for continuing to follow our mundane goings-on around here.

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The Big Cow, Mack Ave.

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I have always wanted to take a picture of the big cow head at night; I have a million pictures of it in the day, but I've always loved it after dark (though I never had my camera). The other day I had a chance.

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Gram at Twenty-Two Months

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And "reading" Pinkalicious. Next he'll be begging me to take him to Broadway to see the musical.

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138th Ave., Allegan County

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There's this flat, treeless two-mile stretch of highway between the town where I grew up and the one where my wife lived; in the hundreds of time we've driven it, this little spot remains so memorable because of the way the snow drifts across the road and how it's particularly perilous in winter. We were making the drive the other day as the sun was setting and I asked if we could stop the car so I could take a picture to remember it. The boy woke up in the back seat, my wife sighed, but as I sat in the passenger seat reviewing this shot I was secretly feeling it was worth it.

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Foggy Morning, East Side

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The Extremely Expressive Caroler

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The girl is obsessed with Christmas carols right now (so much so that I can no longer get my yuppie NPR fix and must endure Wayne Newton singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" if I ride in the car with her.) So on our annual trip to Detroit's Noel Night festivities, we made a beeline for the Victorian Christmas Carolers who didn't disappoint (I may have said to my wife, "Greenfield Village must be a ghost town right now"). There was this guy up there who was so animated in his performance, I hardly noticed that his Martin Van Buren sideburns were fake (along with his gray Scrooge wig). I wanted to invite this guy over for cocoa and ask him how all my favorite Dickens characters were doing. Check him out:

I wish there was something in my life I loved doing as much as he clearly loves singing Christmas carols in Victorian garb.

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I nearly hit a stray dog the other night and he went into a vacant lot as I fumbled with my camera to get a shot of him. I took a picture with the flash and when I got home and uploaded the pictures I saw his eyes staring at me:

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