The Last Dog Wagon Runs of the Season

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With the cold weather coming, we've been enjoying the dog wagon quite a bit before I put it away for the winter. Truthfully, we didn't use it much during the warmer months, because I was constantly getting harassed by overeager amateur animal activists at Eastern Market on Saturday mornings. Ninety-nine people out of a hundred would smile or say something nice, but there was always that one person who felt compelled to tell me I was torturing my dog. While I knew they were nuts it started to really bother my daughter. The heat was usually the basis of their argument, so now that it's cool we're enjoying it a lot more.

Now I just need to figure out how to build a sled.

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Our New England Haul

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God we are such yuppies.

The moose cutting board is for my mom. We were hoping to give it to her earlier, but now she's going to have to read about it here, and watch me tell the internet that she collects moose tsotchkes and doesn't own a cutting board (every time we go to my parents' house and try to cut vegetables we have to do it on an old school lunch tray). Not anymore!

The yarn was from sheep at the Taylor Farm in Vermont spun on a mill that's been in operation since 1820 in Maine.

That Autumn Ale from the Woodstock Brewery is the first new beer I've enjoyed in a long time.

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Two Paddles

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Things sure are easier when you have an extra paddler. Especially redheads wearing sailor shirts.

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Unicorn Spotted on Rattlesnake Mountain

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My wife took this one at the bald spot on top of West Rattlesnake Mountain right before my canoe almost got blown across the lake below.

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I would have liked to have been there when the offer for this ride was made (and accepted).

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Rural Quebec Antique Store

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Man, I really wish this place had been open. I would have loved to have seen what they had in there.

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It's been awhile. . .

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As I wrote yesterday, with a small group of interested parties I had permission to see the inside of the Broderick Tower. The penthouse apartment once belonged to Thomas Eaton (the guy who built the building, calling it the Eaton Tower) and it was later used by David Broderick as the swanky private Sky Top Club during the 1940s/50s. Vandals have seriously destroyed the interior that was pretty well preserved when Camilo Vergara took photos of it with the building's caretakers back in the early 1990s. He said the place was almost unrecognizable now. One interesting spot was the place where a hole in the plaster revealed a wall with what must have been the original wallpaper of Eaton's apartment:

The four corners of the parallelogram-shaped building have these beaux-arts details, including massive stone globes that the taggers have also defaced:

The views from the roof are as incredible as you'd expect the views from an abandoned 35-story skyscraper to be.

I was really interested in the trees growing in the tar so high up, and wondered how big they'd get:

I liked the way this little plant looked like it was holding up the architectural detail:

As if the legal access weren't enough of a treat, we also got to see a nude photo shoot taking place on a rooftop below us:

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