A Mean Trick

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I've taken 10-15 pictures of this house in every season for the last three years. Here is one I've shared before. I had plans to use this house to do a parody of Virginia Lee Burton's 1940 classic children's book The Little House (a depressing take on industrialization and urbanization in its own right) with the natural environment coming back to this house as the population moved out of the city in the last half of the 20th century. Maybe I still will.

I share this shot now to show how isolated the house really is. When the photo I linked to above was taken, summer growth on the trees might hide other houses (photography is inherently deceptive that way) but in the bare-treed winter, at night, there is nowhere for a nearby neighbor's porch light to hide. It truly is alone.

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Gram at Twenty-Three Months

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My mom found the 1950s urchin pants at the thrift store; the sweater was made by his mother. I think he's worn this outfit at least twice a week this winter.

Next month: two.

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Junkyard Dog

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When we're not in any hurry, we have a specific route on our way home from play school that is based around stopping to see guard dogs who are usually out in the cold and looking lonely.  This fellow is about the tallest, noblest, sweetest-looking killer attack dog on the whole route.

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Eight Square City Blocks. Four Occupied Houses. Two Working Street Lamps.

. . .from lost neighborhoods.
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I wanted to stop and talk to WTF Guy and maybe abandon my children and bourgeois life and follow him wherever the hell he was going and listen to all the wisdom he's gained about this wacky world we live in (like why it's important to wear catcher's gear in the winter), but I was late for picking the kid up from school and I only had the chance to hastily snap a blurry picture. I swear I saw him ten years ago on a Metro train in D.C., and I probably won't see him again for another decade.

I may have missed my chance this time, guy, but I'll be seeing you around the way I'm sure.
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The Snow Duggars

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This house belongs to my good friend's neighbors, the same people with the farm I wrote about here. To say that these folks are characters would be putting it mildly (but I have no interest in exploiting their privacy beyond what anyone can see from the sidewalk). Their holiday display always numbs my children into a silent, respectful awe. Even without the goats, the pot-bellied pig, the ducks, chickens, and bunnies, to my kids this holiday display says, "the people who live in this house are incredibly awesome." I would have to agree.
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