Gram at Twenty-one Months

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I hope this guy doesn't have a blog, because if the tide of angry e-mails I received after announcing the popscycle is any indication of public sentiment, he'll have an inbox full of outrage and indignation. No helmets! No child seat! Still, I thought it was pretty cute.

Seen along Consaul Street, east Toledo.
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Lion, GM Headquarters

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For about a month the estate auction company across the street from GM's headquarters in the Renaissance Center was displaying about 200 mounted creatures from the estate of an elderly member of the local gentry who owned 10,000 acres of African savanna where he would go and play big game hunter. I made the mistake of letting the kid watch The Lion King after her grandmother took her to the musical, so for a week we had to go down there to see Scar, Nala, and Simba in the window. Inside there were zebra rugs and mounted jackals, a warthog, lots of cervidae, elephant feet, a stuffed rhino head, and lots of other fun things to look at.

Yesterday, GM announced it would eliminate jobs at its headquarters to the bare minimum that would allow the company to retain certain tax benefits, moving thousands of workers to Eero Saarinen's office park at the Warren Technical Center.   
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Shirtless in November

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I was down in Toledo on Saturday and saw a bunch of shirtless old dudes doing yard work and some shirtless kids in a beat up old truck drinking Mountain Dew. It was in the mid-sixties in mid-November. Yesterday was a bit chillier, but we still saw this shirtless guy washing windows at the Cass Cafe. There were girls inside taking his picture. I love how people go a little crazy when it feels like the temperature won't rise above 50 again until April.
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Downtown at night, from Brush Park

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Church on Piquette

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So after I got that Time Magazine gig a couple weeks ago, I've become addicted to taking night shots, which is convenient considering I can't go out until after it's dark now after the time change. I still have A LOT to learn but I'm loving the different character of the city after dark, the way a beautiful building in the daytime becomes unnoticeable in the dark, and relatively humble buildings take on a new beauty in the right light.

I loved the colored lamps on the exterior of this little church, which sits across the street from Henry Ford's second auto factory and the first where he started building Model Ts (The Piquette Street Plant).  This is certainly what my friend David Schalliol would call an isolated building study, and if you like night shots check out his amazing flickr stream.

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It may not be my thing, but I figure the world is better off with one-man bands and the random dudes who dance to them.

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The Pink-Inn Motel

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There is not a single Tripadvisor review of the Pink-Inn Motel. Just think: you could be the first.

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Halloween Recap

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We had about ten neighborhood kids get together before trick-or-treating for pictures and fun in the park. When we moved into this neighborhood, there were only three other little kids here. My son was the first kid born in our co-op in more than 20 years. Now there are several more families (and we'll have another one any day now). The older generation that has lived in the neighborhood since it was built tell us often of the days that their kids roved around in packs, and I think it brings a smile to their faces to see kids returning in real numbers.

Best Halloween moment: when my wife asked Juniper what her favorite part of Halloween was, and she said, "Teaching my brother how to trick-or-treat."

Saddest moment: when a couple hardly out of their teens pushing a 6-month old in a stroller rang our doorbell (costumeless) and barked, "Candy for the baby."

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