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I had the good fortune to spend the long weekend in a house on the Ohio River in Oldham County just outside of Louisville.  This is a picture of a man in a seersucker suit gazing upon an entire aisle of delicious locally-produced bourbon. Kentucky, you're doing it right. 

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Wendell Needs a Job

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I told the poor guy I thought the kids were getting a little too big for him to pull them in the covered dog wagon this year (also, he's six, which means he's even older than me in dog years now and I can't even climb a sand dune without getting excessively dramatic). He wasn't happy about that news. He needs something to do. I think he wants me to build a harness for our neighbor's black Labrador so he can be part of a wagon-pulling team. I told him I'd take him pheasant hunting on the urban prairie as soon as possible.
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Rural Decay

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During the months I spent taking pictures for the recent post about the Fauxtopias of the Detroit Suburbs, I spent a lot of time driving around those liminal spaces between Detroit's exurban communities and the Michigan countryside, and one afternoon I was driving on some dirt roads and came across a huge landfill with hundreds of trucks approaching and turning into the facility to drop off their loads. Across the street I saw this sturdy old building, which I assumed was some kind of grain storage or something. I really liked the black pitch marks forming the roof line of an adjacent building that must have been torn down at some point. I see that all the time in Detroit (here's my favorite).

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