The Boy Wolf

Posted by jdg | 2:26 PM

I'm not sure how I feel about the wolf mask, but I totally digging this outfit he put together.

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Lafayette Park Honey Locusts

Posted by jdg | 2:45 PM |

The meticulously-sculpted honey locust trees that canopy our neighborhood were planted more than fifty years ago at the direction of prominent American landscape architect Alfred Caldwell. They are beautiful and even under the hottest summer sun they keep the neighborhood at a cool temperature. A few weeks ago they started dropping their leaves and pods. The tree gets its name from the sweetness of the pulp inside the pods rather than the golden color of the falling leaves, which are Caldwell's curse come November. There are millions and millions of the tiny leaves, and they find their way into every part of your house. I vacuum twice a day just to get rid of them. But God, they are beautiful before they come down.

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Roses Out of Season

Posted by jdg | 2:01 PM

You know the guy who drives this truck looks just like Porter Wagoner.
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