Saw this lovely ghost sign while driving around Denver. It's been exposed for decades, and long ago someone even tried to paint an American Beauty Macaroni advertisement over it. I'd guess that someone has been working to maintain this sign, and they're doing a great job. I love the portrait of "The Western Aristocrat." In researching the Tivoli Beer Company, it appears they had a large facility in downtown Denver that's been incorporated into a student center for several nearby universities. It was apparently an incredible place for "urban exploring" before its restoration, as the photos and text on this site suggest. It also looks like there was a big brewery on Mack Avenue brewing Tivoli beer in Detroit, but because of the complicated consolidation of breweries post-prohibition, I can't even tell if it's the same company. After the Detroit brewery building was torn down, this plaque appeared at a local auction house:

They had a nice beer truck for home beer deliveries:
At least Coleman's "A Taste of Detroit" Soul Food & Barbecue was open (and busy) two blocks away.

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By the time I got there, the wild orgy on the urban prairie was already over. ):

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Knight Costume Outtake

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I probably should have included this one in my post about the knight costumes, it's one of my favorites. I think he's giving some invisible army a Braveheart-style pep talk here. 

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The Shoe Tree

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According to Wikipedia, "there are currently at least seventy-six such shoe trees in the United States." I'll never forget coming across the one east of Reno when I took Highway 50 across the country in 2001, and was sad to learn from the Wikipedia entry that it was cut down by vandals in 2010.

We came across this one by accident.

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