Watching for bunnies in the backyard

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A few night ago we had some friends over and they brought their houseguests with them, a German art professor (from Sweden) who photographs, collects, and lumbers ghetto palms, his wife, and their 11-month-old baby boy. It was amazing for me to watch the little guy play with Juniper---and to think that in only five months or so she and her brother are going to be able to interact like that. She is dying for it, I think, to have him as a playmate. She smothers Gram with kisses and hugs to the point where he always cries and I need to interject. "Stop smothering him," I say. But how can I explain to her that she's showing her brother too much love?

I caught the tables turned the other day, with him on top of her, grabbing her hair and trying to gobble up her face. She was shrieking with delight.

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