Cormorants, Detroit River

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I had a confrontation with homeland security for the second time in a week after I took this photo (no photographs of the bridge allowed), but when I finally got home and saw it I felt like it was totally worth it. This is actually an untouched color photograph. A cargo ship had just entered the frame on the left.

The agents I dealt with after taking this photo were pretty cool and only detained me while they performed a background check. I told them about why I was down there and they told me about a place along the river to find a family of wild foxes and even coyotes and deer. The guys last week were total dicks though.

I walked for what seemed like a mile along an abandoned stretch of the Detroit river, full of wildlife and thriving flora. I'm leaving comments open in the hope that some friendly ornithologist will recognize these birds from their silhouettes. I know they were not ducks, but a much more elegant order of bird.*

*title edited now; thanks ornithologically-inclined readers!

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