She usually walks the whole way there, but eventually Gram gets fussy in the stroller and we transfer him to a sling, so we need her to balance out the weight of all our food hanging from the handles. Unfortunately, she hardly outweighs an eggplant in her shoes.

I'm going to start chronicling our weekly purchases at Eastern Market again (here's last summer) because I've actually gotten a lot of positive feedback from it. We've reached the point where we do all our shopping there, other than a trip to Trader Joes every two months and a bi-weekly trip to Honeybee in Corktown. We get milk and cheese and bread at Hirt, meat at Gratiot Central, beer and wine at Cost Plus. 40,000+ plus people come from all over the metro area on Saturday morning to buy extremely affordable fresh produce from wholesalers and local farmers (include Detroit community gardens). Walking to Eastern Market is definitely one of the best parts of living where we do.

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