Ripe Mulberries

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It's urban gleaning season here in Detroit again. A few days ago I discovered a half dozen giant mulberry trees (and a few seedlings) in that abandoned swath of land around Jane Cooper school. There are four mulberry trees within a few blocks of our house and we filled a basket from them yesterday (harder than you'd think: Gram eats them as fast as I can pick them). I can see the pears growing on the trees where we'll pick them in a month or so, and the apples are starting to take shape as well.

Makes me miss Puerto Rico, where we picked starfruit and grapefruit every morning for breakfast, where we saw bananas growing wild in the jungle. These things last for a few short weeks here, and then it's on to the next fruit, and then a long, hard winter. That's why we make sure to enjoy it while we can.

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