View from the Passenger Seat

Posted by jdg | 3:43 PM

photo credit: zan mcquade

It's strange seeing a view of your own life through someone else's camera, particularly when you're so accustomed to being behind the lens yourself. This past weekend we had a wonderful but all-too-brief visit from our friend Zan as she headed to Ohio's north coast for a family reunion. This week I'm going to share some photos she took during her visit to Detroit (as the week's daily photos). Here I am driving her around some of the places I've written about in the past, with that beautiful overgrown shop I've never even noticed before out the windshield (as hard as I've tried not to, you grow numb to some of these things, which is why visitors are a wonderful way to help keep my eyes fresh). Here are more of her pictures.

[Zan also wrote a really lovely post about her visit; and just this week a wonderful family from Oman came to Detroit only because they read about it on this blog and they even bought a home here, raving every time we saw them about how wonderful Detroit is, especially its sense of community). I think Zan captures it well.]

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