Posted by jdg | 12:03 PM

So we were at a rest area on the Ohio turnpike the other day and one of those sticker/temporary tattoo dispensers by the arcade games has a Pegasus tattoo prominently displayed. I ended up spending like three dollars to get that stupid Pegasus tattoo, and we ended up with a mitt full of the tacky ones that kept thwarting my effort to get Pegasus. When I saw that the kindermullet is almost back I remembered it was county fair season so I pulled out the wife beater and tatted up the boy. The girl, of course, wanted her own so she wanders the Monroe County Fair like some broad with a reality show about her temporary tattoo parlour on TLC.

I swear the machine gave us some temporary tramp stamps. "If that had some Chinese letters you could be just like your mom," I groaned.

More pictures from the fair to come.

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