Halloween Recap

Posted by jdg | 9:30 AM |

We had about ten neighborhood kids get together before trick-or-treating for pictures and fun in the park. When we moved into this neighborhood, there were only three other little kids here. My son was the first kid born in our co-op in more than 20 years. Now there are several more families (and we'll have another one any day now). The older generation that has lived in the neighborhood since it was built tell us often of the days that their kids roved around in packs, and I think it brings a smile to their faces to see kids returning in real numbers.

Best Halloween moment: when my wife asked Juniper what her favorite part of Halloween was, and she said, "Teaching my brother how to trick-or-treat."

Saddest moment: when a couple hardly out of their teens pushing a 6-month old in a stroller rang our doorbell (costumeless) and barked, "Candy for the baby."

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