Lion, GM Headquarters

Posted by jdg | 1:48 PM

For about a month the estate auction company across the street from GM's headquarters in the Renaissance Center was displaying about 200 mounted creatures from the estate of an elderly member of the local gentry who owned 10,000 acres of African savanna where he would go and play big game hunter. I made the mistake of letting the kid watch The Lion King after her grandmother took her to the musical, so for a week we had to go down there to see Scar, Nala, and Simba in the window. Inside there were zebra rugs and mounted jackals, a warthog, lots of cervidae, elephant feet, a stuffed rhino head, and lots of other fun things to look at.

Yesterday, GM announced it would eliminate jobs at its headquarters to the bare minimum that would allow the company to retain certain tax benefits, moving thousands of workers to Eero Saarinen's office park at the Warren Technical Center.   
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