The Extremely Expressive Caroler

Posted by jdg | 10:31 AM

The girl is obsessed with Christmas carols right now (so much so that I can no longer get my yuppie NPR fix and must endure Wayne Newton singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" if I ride in the car with her.) So on our annual trip to Detroit's Noel Night festivities, we made a beeline for the Victorian Christmas Carolers who didn't disappoint (I may have said to my wife, "Greenfield Village must be a ghost town right now"). There was this guy up there who was so animated in his performance, I hardly noticed that his Martin Van Buren sideburns were fake (along with his gray Scrooge wig). I wanted to invite this guy over for cocoa and ask him how all my favorite Dickens characters were doing. Check him out:

I wish there was something in my life I loved doing as much as he clearly loves singing Christmas carols in Victorian garb.

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