Fast (and feral?)

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If only his tail had been pointed a little bit more and I'd caught him a second earlier, it would have been cool the way he would have been like an extension of that weirdly collapsing house in the background. He had a newish collar and seemed well fed, and with a definite agenda as he trotted along I hoped this guy had a home to go to at the end of the day.

I followed a pack around the other day and called animal control because there were kids playing nearby (there were two pit bulls in the pack). When the animal control people showed up, they started questioning me, "Why do you care? Who are you?" When I told them I lived about two miles from there (actually it was about a mile and a half) and was worried about the kids in the neighborhood, they said, "You don't live two miles from here. You don't care about kids in Detroit."

It was really odd. I stayed around to watch them, and they never even got out of their truck. 

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