Wigley's Wall O' Corned Beef

Posted by jdg | 8:37 AM

I lived in Ireland for a year and never ate a meal of corned beef and cabbage. The only people I ever really saw celebrating St. Patrick in Ireland were some hardcore Catholics who climbed his mountain barefoot every year. As far as I know, no one was serving green beer or wearing floppy hats at the top.

* * * * *

There used to be a sign outside Wigley's here that said something like, World's Largest Display of Corned Beef but I wonder if that met with an official challenge or something and they were forced to change it. Either way, that's still one hell of a wall of corned beef, a few pounds emptier now that I've picked out my selection for 2010. I'm baking it this year per Elise's recipe, and sauteing the cabbage rather than boiling it, hoping my Irish-American wife will actually eat some with me. She loves a Reuben now and then, but doesn't like thinking too much about corned beef ("What does 'corned' mean?" she asks in semi-disgust).

If you look under the salad dressing on the left side of the photo, there's a sign above a bunch of little bags of fat. The sign said something like, "One bag of fat per bag of corned beef no exceptions; no we don't sell fat on its own, so don't ask. ---Lois." God, I love Detroit. 

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